Belly Wraps for Weight Loss Method

Belly wraps for weight loss is something worth trying when you are trying to lose weight. Many people need a diet method that is easy and can be done anytime even when they are at work or even when they are travelling. One of the newest ways is by doing wrapping method. This method can help you reduce a few inches from your belly. This kind of method can be found in many beauty salons and beauty center. They will offer you many varieties of body wrap such as clay wrap, mineral wrap, and even herbal wrap. However, it can cost you a lot of money. That is why it will be better if you make your very own belly wrap. This kind of wrapping method explained in this article will use the water method to lose your belly size. Below are the step by step instructions in making homemade wrap for your wrapping method diet.


First of all, you have to calculate the circumference of your waist. Then, pay attention to your hip bones and try to find the top part of it. After that, put a measuring tape or any flexible ruler all around the waist. Place it right on the height of your hip. Remember to write down the size of your waist. Then, you are going have to take a shower using warm water. It is essential because you have to crack open all the pores on the belly area. When you are done, use a tower to dry your body. After that, get ready to wrap your belly. However, before that drink water to get rid of any toxic off the body. Do not forget to also drink during the wrapping process to reduce the risk of dehydration.

Wrap the Belly

Before wrapping your belly in this belly wraps for weight loss, apply a layer of body cream thinly to your belly. It is important to do it because it will reduce the risk of getting hemorrhoid ointments and it can also constrict blood vessels so that excess water leaves the skin right away. Then, wrap plastic wrap in round motion over your belly, also round it in the area that is applied by the body cream. Do not wrap yourself so tight so that you cannot move and breathe. It will be very dangerous since plastic wrap can make your belly perspire by creating a thermal effect. After it is done, wear the belly wrap over the night while you are sleeping.
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When you wake up in the morning, take off the wrap using a pair of blunt scissors and then take a bath to help peel off the body cream. After several time doing this, your belly will be way tighter, smaller, and smoother.

This method is very easy and simple. That is why you should try this belly wraps for weight loss and be slimmer and healthier.