Get into the Zone Diet

The purported health benefits of low-carb diet plans have been advocated intermittently over the past decades and have enjoyed great popularity in the world. The Zone Diet plan is one the repersentative type of a new generation of low carbohydrate food fad diets with sales placing it among the most popular diet programs in recent history. The Zone Diet first saw popularity in the 1990s, but has recently made a comeback with some of today’s A-list celebrities. Big names such as Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, Brad Pitt, Cindy Crawford, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sandra Bullock are all fans of the Zone Diet. Diets come in and out of fashion as fast as outfits in the world of celebrities, but the Zone Diet is one of the most popular at the minute.

The name of the diet is taken from a term generally used by athletes to describe a time when they are at their best level of physical performance. Dr. Barry Sears was the creator of the Zone Diet – he based the diet around the healthy consumption of a correct ratio of all the food groups. If you eat a balanced amount of all the major food groups, this should, theoretically, regulate your levels of insulin, and therefore keeping your body’s rate of metabolism at its peak, meaning that you should lose weight quickly. Scientists aren’t sure whether this is the precise reason that the Zone Diet works; rather it is just a case of avoiding junk food that keeps the weight off. Whichever happens to be true, a lot of people – both celebrities and the general public – have seen success with following the Zone Diet.

The Zone Diet is based on the concept that the hormonal responses of macronutrients can be orchestrated to maintain the primary hormones within therapeutic zones in order to control inflammatory responses. Adequate intakes of necessary nutrition are the foundation for the Zone Diet. Zone Diet guidelines recommend the participants to supplement their diet to meet all nutritional requirements. The Zone Diet advocates only sparing intake of grains and starches. Protein, fat, and carbohydrate blocks are calculated on an individual basis to determine the appropriate amounts of food and nutrition consumption in order to lose weight. It requires a precise 0.75 protein to carbohydrate ratio with each meal to decrease the insulin to glucagon ratio, which purportedly affects eicosanoid metabolism and as a result produces a cascade of biological events that lead to a reduction in risk of chronic diseases, enhanced immunity, improved physical and mental performance, increased longevity as well as long term weight loss.

The Zone Diet has been promoted through a number of Sears’ books discussing health topics such as disease prevention, weight loss, and enhancement of mental productivity. Sears claims that following this diet will improve mental clarity, energy levels, physical endurance, and in turn weight loss is achieved. However, critics of the Zone Diet insist that the success of weight loss is due more to reduced caloric intake than energy expenditure. The Zone Diet has several pros and cons, which should be weighed up in great detail before deciding whether or not this diet is the right choice for you. Remember, a diet that may work miracles for someone else, may be absolutely useless to you – you need to choose a diet that is going to work well for your lifestyle. What works for a handful of A-list celebrities may not be much good for the rest of us!


The Zone Diet makes sure that you are getting all of the right nutrients to keep your body healthy, primarily because fruits and vegetables are okay to eat on the diet.

Using smaller portions helps to maintain weight loss, and this is good for a healthier lifestyle.

As your body adjusts to the high protein diet, your body adjusts to not having many carbohydrates, and the cravings should disappear rather quickly.

The Zone Diet can show rapid weight loss results, which can be very pleasing. This is because of its low carbohydrate and low calorie way of working – which is good for quick results, but not good for a long term diet.

The diet emphasizes good cholesterol and the consumption of lean proteins, which is good for your heart.


When coming off the diet, many people have found that they quickly regain the weight that they lost, because it is too easy to return to previous habits. A long term diet plan would be more suitable if this is the case.

Eating on the diet can be rather expensive, especially if you are having to be specialised “Zone” cookbooks.

If you eat out a lot, you may find it tough finding items on the menu which are okay to eat when on the Zone Diet.